Tailor-made for you.

Now that we've taken stock of the haves and have nots, we can put our focus on the fun part. We sometimes get stuck in our own vision of what can be done, because we live smack in the middle of “it”! It's very helpful to get a couple of opinions from different folks who might bring new and interesting ideas to the party. By meeting with different people, you can chose the one that best fits your personality, someone you'd enjoy working with and who doesn't make you feel inferior. We don't charge a consultation or design fee, however, expect that some folks do. You can give each person a list of problems, priorities, wishes and even those “ hope for”. See what they come up with and bounce ideas from one to another until the plan is tailored made for you. Don't let someone coax you into something just because that was their vision. Making an investment like this should be fun, enjoyable, with a much awaited outcome that makes you smile when you come home. And in the end, happy to be home where you spent your hard earned cash. Remember too, as I've said a thousand times, it can evolve over time, baby steps…that's where we all started so why should this new adventure be any different! We look forward to helping you find that part of your outdoor world that makes you happy. Give us a call. Happy spring

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