Happy Spring!

Happy spring to all of you! What a wonderful last few months we've had here in central Texas! It's a great time to take inventory. What I mean is this... make a list of your needs necessary for all things to goin place. Start with an idea of what it is we are looking for. Is it small space gardening in containers or a designated area? Would they be host, native plants or veggies and herbs? Was your dream a water feature which could also be home to a butterfly garden? Or are we looking for a family friendly retreat? After we've come up with a plan, we need to address the condition of our soil. Thirteen of the 16 nutrients needed for a happy plant come from our soil, the other 3, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen are available through the air and our watering. Amending our soil with decomposed organic matter, manure, will ensure success. Composting is an easy way to achieve this. Second, we should take stock of our tools, replace old or rusty ones or just cleaning up and caring for our oldest friends. Third, we should decide what type of materials we want to use for our foundation. Is it rocks that are harvested from our property, rustic fencing made out of cedar posts we've saved from clearing, or items purchased to achieve the look we want to contain specific areas. Seems redundant but it's a really good place to start. It’s never too early to get started. You've got lots of time through the summer months to get it right this time and not waste any of the money you worked so hard for. Let's do it once and do it right. Your project should be filled with enjoyment not stress. The more you garden, the more you grow!! We’ll help you get

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