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Hill Country Homestead

What began as a solution for numerous drainage and flooding issues progressed into a functional entertainment area with easy to reach paths connecting each spot.  With a multigenerational family residing in two houses, keeping it as natural as possible as well as kid and elderly friendly/ was a fun challenge to take on!

This home is nestled in the woods of Henly, TX. A new pool had just been installed. Given a blank slate and carte blanche made this design and installation a treat! As with a lot of properties in our area, this is set on rock which meant there were numerous tricks to correct it's drainage issues. The end result was an oasis for family and friends to enjoy. 

Austin Facelift

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With their new home complete and the grounds left a little disturbed. These folks knew exactly how they wanted to frame their entrance, create a new parking area, address drainage and beautify their already lovely home. Fun to watch this project unfold. 

McGregor Hideaway

This project began as a blank slate landscape on a property that has been owned since the 1970s. The owners built new homes on the property for their

multi-generation family to enjoy together. They wanted an outdoor gathering area with 

tiered areas that are wheelchair accessible. This project also incorporated a water design element with a bridge that is easily crossed. This project was entirely built out using repurposed stone and materials from the property. 

Lake Buchanan Family Retreat

Completed projects

Completed Spring 2017.  A jewel hidden behind a cozy entrance, who knew there was so much potential to expand the pool/ spa area to include a new outdoor living room that incorporated a recently added workshop. More to come.

Bear Creek Pass  

Projects in progress

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Dripping Springs Sanctuary

Completed June 2017
This unfinished backyard in a new development was transformed into a couples' backyard sanctuary. Multi-tiered patios provide levels of outdoor living spaces, including a deck designed for a bbq grill. We added a berm as a decorative backdrop to the patio, which also provides privacy. 

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